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This site was created to help the Lake James Property Association of Lake James, Michigan communicate with its co-owners and members in a more effective medium. The site was designed specifically with you in mind, with easy navigation and a sharp, clean look. In the site you will find Monthly Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Meeting Dates, and other general information about our organization.


Lake James Latest and Greatest News Info for Spring and Summer 2015

Please keep in mind the date of Saturday, May 16 for 2015 Spring Cleanup. Don Adams has made many improvements to our parks and we have gotten feedback that they have never looked so good. In the spring we need volunteers to help clean up the park grounds so mowing can begin for the season. And that's where all of us can help. Many of us have children and grandchildren who enjoy the parks here. On Saturday morning please join us for a few hours, so we can clean the parks and keep our families safe. The more people we have the quicker the job gets done! And we will ask Rocky, to once again cook up a great lunch for us!

Add August 8th to your calendar as this will be the day we have scheduled for our annual homeowners meeting. More info as to time etc. will be added to the website and also to the 3 signs at the entrances.

Also, please keep in mind that our dam will be replaced around August. Drew will not be putting in any boards this summer. The lake level will be at 1155ft.

Be sure to watch the depths for your props! When the work begins, the lake may be 4 feet lower for 3-4 days. A great time to take advantage and clean your beach!

Notice: anyone interested in having an air view of Lake James can contact Aerialgraphics, LLC @1.800.780.FOTO or website

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