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This site was created to help the Lake James Property Association of Lake James, Michigan communicate with its co-owners and members in a more effective medium. The site was designed specifically with you in mind, with easy navigation and a sharp, clean look. In the site you will find Monthly Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Meeting Dates, and other general information about our organization.


Hello Lake James Homeowners!

Lake James 2015 Fish Survey


September 27, 2015 Update

Larry received a call from Scott Bell on Thursday before our Sept board meeting. He had not received any new bids. Larry asked him to go outside of town and send bids to northern Michigan contractors. We are all very disappointed with the lack of response, because we have all been prepared to get the work done this year. Scott said the concrete work can still be done before the weather gets real cold. The grass, fencing, and sidewalk can always be replaced in the spring.

The 2015 Summer Fishing Tournament is now complete. Veiw the final results

Notice: anyone interested in having an air view of Lake James can contact Aerialgraphics, LLC @1.800.780.FOTO or website

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