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Hello Lake James Homeowners!

March 2016 Update

At the March 16, 2016 Board meeting, Don Tottingham reported that the day before Thanksgiving, the water was 6 inches below the top of the structure. When he returned on Friday afternoon it was 4 inches above structure. Around Christmas, he got the water down 6 inches…then it melted and it ‘monsoon’ rained, water went back up over structure. No pump in the state of Michigan can pump that volume of water. On March 8th first gate was shut, March 9th second gate shut. March 15 water was at top of steel structure. If the water on the lower side of the lake gets much deeper on the southwest side, we may have to open one gate for a short time. As far as repair resuming, depending on Porath availability, on Sept 1st all upper boards will be pulled, in mid Sept. one gate will be opened. Jim Porath hopes to get in by October and get outlet repair work done within 4 weeks. If we get a drought in August we will ask Porath to begin the work earlier. Homeowners, once again we ask, if you have any questions about the repair please contact Don Tottingham at 989-366-7568 / 989-302-7409 or e-mail at

Notice: anyone interested in having an air view of Lake James can contact Aerialgraphics, LLC @1.800.780.FOTO or website

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