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This site was created to help the Lake James Property Association of Lake James, Michigan communicate with its co-owners and members in a more effective medium. The site was designed specifically with you in mind, with easy navigation and a sharp, clean look. In the site you will find Monthly Board Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, Meeting Dates, and other general information about our organization.


Hello Lake James Homeowners!

Lake James Winter Happenings 2016

On the 29th, we got our first winter blast and I was happy to see our neighbors enjoying their snowmobiles around the neighborhood! I wish I would have taken some pictures! The Roscommon Road Commission snowplows, do an excellent job of clearing the roads and 'apron' just enough leaving a nice base for when ya see them next time, wave hi and give them a thumbs up!!

Enjoy our beautiful winter wonderland!

On another note, to answer a few of your questions you have sent to me about our annual winter picnic during Tip-Up-Town weekend, (yeah, I'm glad you were looking forward to it!) the electricity at the pole barn has been pulled. Hoping to maybe move the festivities to the boat launch, when I called Express Rental, the company we usually get our tents from, they are closed for the winter. (I think he's down south with many of you!) So I am very sad to report our picnic will have to be cancelled this year. So we'll have to plan one heck of a great summer picnic!! :)


January 7th 2016 Update

Hello Neighbors!

I know all of us are wondering the status of our project, and as you already know, Lake James has had torrential rains, up to 2 inches per day, until the snow and freezing weather arrived on the 29th of December. The dam gates have been opened, however, until our contractor, Jim Porath, gets the water level down to one that he can safely begin excavation, it has to wait. At this point the machinery is on site. The sidewalk and fencing are down. The new outlet tube sections were delivered just before the holidays. Because of the water level issues, and Christmas/New Year timing, the project had been pushed back until after the new year. Don Tottingham has spoken with Jim Porath at least 2-3 times per week, and he is wanting to start on this project as soon as he can also. If you have any questions about the status of the repair, rather than being misled by ‘talk on the street’, please call or email Don Tottingham at 366-7568, 989-302-7409,

The 2015 Summer Fishing Tournament is now complete. Veiw the final results

Notice: anyone interested in having an air view of Lake James can contact Aerialgraphics, LLC @1.800.780.FOTO or website

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